My Latest Hauls 101

By | July 5, 2012

Last Sunday, I finally got my most awaited birthday gift from Ronnie. I know it was long overdue but who cares, it’s always the thought and the gift that counts! 😀 I was actually the one who shopped for it and Ronnie was the one who paid. Ang bongga lang diba? Hehe  In case you didn’t know, Ronnie was one of my dearest friend from college. Anyhooo, let me just share what I bought for my gift! Naks!

Secosana Bags

I was really so glad they are on SALE! Imagine?! I got these two pretty bags for 800php!!! Such a steal, right? And you wouldn’t go wrong with Secosana as their bags are durable and pretty stylish too! Thank you Ronnie! 🙂


I also had this mini shopping spree last Friday and bought myself two pairs of Solemate flats. I don’t really think it can last long or that it can withstand the rain but what with the 2 pairs for only 399.75? Sulit at swak na! 😀 And besides they’re cuteness are to die for. Haha  I also asked bbgurl since she had these pairs already if it was sulit to buy it and she said yes! Just don’t use it when raining-okay, I can deal with that! Hehehe  


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