My Cooking Class Assessment Day!

By | May 11, 2012

I know I’ve been MIA with my Cooking Class’ post. Let’s just say I blamed it to the lack of pictures. I still haven’t got the pictures from my classmate. Loser! It’s hard to appreciate a post with no pictures at all, right? So forgive me. Now, I still don’t have those pictures but allow me to post randomly about my cooking lesson, what dishes I learned, what I have tried cooking etc. etc., (this time I’m using my own photos!) And by the way cooking school is way over. We actually had our Assessment last 23rd of April and I still haven’t posted something. Arggh! I know, okay, you don’t need to tell me I’m a helluva slacker! I am and I admit it! 😛 But please allow me to redeem myself and by redeeming let’s start with this post, shall we?

First let me post about my Assessment Day!
Well, as expected of anyone who’s having assessment for a particular training, one would really get nervous during these occasions and so was I. But nervousness should not get in the way, right? So here…
We were tasked to cook eight dishes each, but due to shortage of gas stoves and to save time, there are by-group-recipes which are the carbonara, carrot cake, chocolate mousse and buttered snowpeas. The rest were chicken portioning, grilled cheese sandwich, breaded breast chicken and béchamel sauce which we cooked/made individually. And read this, I felt like a pro chef because I singlehandedly made the chocolate mousse, grilled cheese sandwich (not that it’s something to boast) and carbonara (uhm 75% of it). Not that I was being Ms. Know It All, it just happened that these dishes were assigned to me but the good thing was, I delivered what was expected of me. 😀 Also most of my co-assesses asked me what’s the next step in cooking this and that even though they had a copy of the recipes (we all did) it was still a good feeling that they trusted my opinion and tips.
It was around 11AM and we were done cooking the sight dishes we’re tasked to cook and it was all good, no missed ingredients and of course the dishes were delicious. Yum!
After everything was cooked, we readied ourselves for the interview session with our assessor. I was second on the list to be interviewed and thank goodness it all went well, no sweat if I may say! HAHA 

The ever sweet chocolate mousse!

Carbonara and Bechamel Sauce

Carrot Cake

Breaded Breas Chicken

Bechamel Sauce

Carbonara with Grilled Cheese Sandwich!
Buttered Snow Peas and “rose” tomato.
Carbonara and Grilled Cheese sandwich

From Left: Em, our trainer Ms. Ghen, me and Ate Dahlia

Graduation lang ang peg?! 😀
ahem, your chef! haha

Till next cooking post! 🙂


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