Monthly Meetings

By | October 8, 2011

The title would suggest I was on a sort of work related meeting but nah, it’s a fun get together with my friends at work. We really see to it that we see each other even once a month and so far, we’ve been successful having done it for five months now. We are not workmates anymore but we still kept the friendship, thus calling it monthly meetings. 😀
First stop, Gerry’s Grill at Gmall branch. Julie called up and told me to go there. By the way, Cielo and Julie are now officemates and they had these real meetings every month, and that day it was at Gerry’s Grill. But I, as the dakilang sawsaw, was there to their monthly meeting ever since. Hahaha I actually did not expect to be there that day, because it was too much already. (Eww nahiya daw ako) Haha! But like I said, Julie called up and said for me to go there, of course courtesy of Cielo and the magical receipt. 😀

So I went there and met up with the gang. Look what we had for our order, or rather their order:P

Crispy Pata- Uhm, at first taste I thought it was tasty but it was not really.

Grilled Pusit- this too, was just okay. I’d say I like adobong pusit more:D

Chicken lollipop, this was the most okay for me. hahaha

Second stop-Abreeza Mall
Did I tell you we had a theme that day? We were supposed to watch No Other Woman so our theme, was anything dark dress plus red lipstick!

It was just so sad we never made it, Abreeza Cinema House is unlike any other movie house where you can enter even if the show has started, and we can’t be on the last full show because we had to go home. Ouch! (well, Imma watch that movie still).

Side A Band- I’ll start by saying, I love the band, yes, they are not that famous nowadays but their songs lives in my heart. I just love their voice especially Joey Generoso’s, the vocalist. And they were at the activity area much to my glee. So we were able to listen to their music live! After the set, there was an autograph signing of their albums, and I really wanted to grab one, but the line seemed endless that I had to give it up. We were waiting for our other ex co-workmates to have a videoke, so I really didn’t know if I would have made it, had I lined up in there.

X- Ride- Glad when we were walking we bumped into X-Ride, a 4D ride and that’s when Kathy arrived. For Php100 you can experience the 4D show, where you can choose what to watch from mild Space Shuttle, Dinousaur and thrilling Roller Coaster and the horror-themed Bloody Road! And brave as we were, (ehem) we tried what’s said to be the scariest-Bloody Road 1, where the monster used chainsaw for their victims! And yeah we shouted like hell that our throats also hurt like hell!

Kathy was the one who took these pictures, she never went for the ride because she has experienced it already and there is no way she’s gonna try that Bloody Road ride ever! 😀 After that thrilling but very enjoyable experience our other co-workmates never arrived, said they were on their way, again! We decided to go home but Kathy asked about a place named Chocolate or something and we tried it!

Maitrie Chocolatier- with the nice and cozy place plus the very comforting ambience Chocolatier is a place I’m sure to return to.

                                                                   Cielo and Kathy

                                                                  Me and Julie

And what we had was something that was really heaven!

Golden Euphoria – Much to our delight the cake was superb and the taste was heaven. The best tasting cake I ever tasted!

Dark Chocolate Ice Blended for our smoothie and man the dark chocolate made my head spanned. Really! But it was still heaven!

Golden Euphoria-Php 228
Dark Chocolate- 165


7 thoughts on “Monthly Meetings

  1. papaleng

    great bonding with friends should continue. Seems you have fun-filled fellowship. Sarap ng foods.

  2. betchai

    those cruspy pata and grilled pusit looks so yummy, but I hear you, sometimes, looks can be deceiving, they may not taste as great as how they look, i've experienced something similar too, sometimes, the crispy pata is sadly not even crispy 🙁

    the chocolate cake is like heaven 🙂

  3. Marie

    Next time you have meetings, can I tag along po? I'm sure I'll be full by the end of the day if I am with you. Hehehe!

  4. Tingting de Rimarti

    I thought, I already commented on this post. It looks like, it did not go through. Anyway, as I mentioned in my (unpublished) comment, I enjoyed the same business meetings in the Philippines over free dinner, but here in the US, I have not experienced that yet. Life is boring.

  5. Tingting de Rimarti

    I miss having this kind of get-together with my officemates in the Philippines. But here in the US, I try to separate my personal and work life. No more dinner with workmates. I know, I live a boring life here.


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