Making your Own Opportunities

By | September 3, 2011

Last Thursday I received a mail with a not-so-good news. I was down, I felt like I could have done better. For a moment I thought I was a loser, a real loser for that matter. Then the boyfriend called and everything seemed to be okay.
I know it’s part of life, you could lose, you could win, you’re not just gonna have it all. But heck it was still disappointing, it was still a sad news. And I was sad like that! However, I am not going to let that drown me, it would not do me any good. I may have fail in that part but that doesn’t mean I could not win anymore. I can, I know I can. It’s just a matter of a right perspective and a brave heart.
Well, back to present day, I saw this quote on Facebook from Ate Tara’s post it says ‘It is impossible to live without failing at something, unless ~ you live so cautiously… that you might as well not have lived at all. In which case, you fail by default. JKR– It hit me bigtime! I can so relate! Gosh! I need a lot of those, really. One thing also that keeps linger on my mind is what you’ll usually hear from people ‘if one door closes the other windows or doors opens’. But when I come to think of it, those doors or windows would not really open without you doing something. I mean you could say that there may be opportunities that comes your way, but you’re not just going to wait for those ‘free’ opportunities. You have to make your own, you have to make those doors and windows open for you. That being said, I really have to work hard to achieve my dreams, to not stop dreaming, to not stop believing in myself and doing something to realize my dream..


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