Lucky Me! Thank you Godiva! :)

By | February 3, 2013

Do you ever really feel so lucky at times? That all the odds was working in your favor? I did! Yesterday, my fellow bloggers and I went to the Godiva Beauty Journey event to take part and to witness the launching of Godiva in Davao City. The event takes you to a beauty journey by first, consulting their beauty expert on what skin type you have, second a hand massage, third a beauty make over and fourth, the photo booth. And obviously we had so much fun with the photo booth!

Okay, the thing I was really talking about was me being so lucky. Okay, let me say this first, every time I go to an event and there’s a raffle for any sort of prizes, I immediately claim myself to be a winner. 😀 Bbgurl knows this and we always talk about winning it and stuff. And if it’s time for the announcement of the winners, we say our name etc., and laugh about it, and even laugh more if we didn’t win. Haha But yesterday was a different and a very lucky day for me. I went to the Godiva event without really thinking of winning. When Ms. Ela told us she would just write our name so she can include it in a raffle, it was just really nothing to me and I didn’t do my “usual” thing when talking about raffles. So when it was time to announce the winners, imagine my surprise when the hosts pronounced my name incorrectly. “Qui…na may..renecadooo?? ” Well, when I was sure and my fellow bloggers told me it was really me, I came up on stage and was just so overwhelmed I became speechless. Sorry about the: host: what can you say? Me: wala..pause….and then said my piece. I think it didn’t register to me or I was just so happy to know that I actually won. :))

Please excuse my face 😀 But thank you so much Godiva! :)) Photo courtesy of bbgurl! 🙂

That was too long huh, well enough of the blab, and tadaaa….I actually won myself a brand new Lenovo P700i idea phone. So cool right? Yeah so cool! (you have to agree with me :p) So I had another Android phone and I am just so happy and thankful! Thank you so much Godiva for inviting us to a great event.

So here’s my new baby and I named it Godiva. 😀

Watch out for my next post, I’ll be posting my giveaway courtesy of Godiva!

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