Kinabuch: Where to Dine in Puerto Princesa Palawan

By | October 14, 2012

Travelling for me is not just about seeing a new place or hopping all around the tourist spots. It’s all about discovering and experiencing the different cultures of different locations. Culture goes beyond the local customs and traditions. Food is one of the most important aspects that defines culture. That is why in my travels, I always try to see to it that I’m able taste the local gastronomical delights that any place has to offer. During my latest travel to Puerto Princesa Palawan, I was able to discover two restaurants that I think every traveler must try. Kinabuch and KaLui.

In this post, I’ll talk about Kinabuchs and what makes it a can’t-miss.

Crocodile Sisig

Sinigang na baboy

Crispy Pata
Mixed Seafood with Oyster Sauce 
Kinabuchs– is named after the owner of the place which is Butch Chase. It’s kina (at) and Buch, so Kinabuch. 😀  It has a big and spacious surroundings where you can choose to dine inside or al fresco. You can also see a giant monitor outside where sports stuff is showed. People usually come here to try their exotic food offerings, play billiards or just to enjoy their fine food and service. Ever heard of Crocodile Sisig (P115) and Tamilok (P115)? I bet a hundred bucks, you didn’t  But yes, they have these unique and exotic foods in the house that I’m proud to say I tasted. It was a great achievement for me to try those as I was never really an exotic eater (if you can excuse my term). I too was not a big fan of sisig, or any meat sisig for that matter, but I couldn’t resist trying something that I knew I couldn’t try elsewhere. So I did, and boy did it taste just like your normal pork sisig. It smells and taste good- just don’t think that it is a crocodile you’re eating and you’ll be fine. Hehe 
And for the Tamilok (wood worm or ship worm), I know it’s not that exotic compared to crocodile sisig but I never tasted anything like this before so it’s exotic for me, period! Haha For the taste- I never liked it. It’s long and very slimy and had a smell of salt water. You need to dip it in vinegar to neutralize the smell and taste or you can eat it as it is if you’re that tough. They say it tasted like oyster, but I’ve never eaten one so I didn’t have anything to compare to. Nonetheless, it’s something that’s just good for trying, not really the kind of dish you’ll look forward to eat. Well that’s me speaking though.

They have also a variety of dishes you can choose from like Crispy Pata (P200), Mixed Seafood with Oyster Sauce (which I super liked) (P175) and sinigang. 

I must say that if you want to have a gastronomical adventure in Palawan, Kinabuch is the right place to be. 🙂
Kinabuch is located at Rizal Ave. Brgy Bancao Bancao Puerto Princesa, Palawan.
Watch out for my KaLui review.

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    Whew Food adventure that l am sure my hubby would terribly enjoy! It would be exciting trying out the exotic dishes! l am looking forward to eating there! 🙂

  2. Mari Bella

    Yum! Nakakagutom… The crispy pata looks so crisp…and I love all the foods they are serving here.


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