I won Alessa’s Blog Giveaway

By | April 30, 2012

It’s not a secret that I usually join blog giveaway contests. If you are following me on Twitter, you can attest that I’ve been joining a lot of blog giveaways to the point where I doubt if there is ever a winner, because I never win! Haha

Well, everything seems to pay off because I finally won! This is my second time actually; the first was when I won Julie’s giveaway. And now, I won a Suelas pair courtesy of Alessa’s blog and Suelas. I was really delighted upon reading the tweet from Alessa congratulating me for winning her giveaway. It is just so timely because right before that I was actually planning to buy some flat shoes coz mine was at the end of it’s life. And to think it’s a flat shoes from Suelas, I wasn’t to contain what I felt at that moment. I’ve been crushing on Suelas shoes ever since I saw it online. The image online is enough to prove that the shoes is comfortable and fashionable to wear. And seeing it in Patty’s blog which she really described as soft and comfortable also made it to my must-a-have-list. And now I’m having it for free! It is just WOW!

So tadaaa, here is my pair, Llanura Gold.

Thank you so much Alessa and Suelas! :))


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