Isla Reta: The Second Time Around

By | May 8, 2012

Ever since summer started I’ve been itching to go beaching. However, me and my friends all have busy schedules so our planned trip to the beach was withheld until last weekend, April 28. It’s supposed to be the celebration for mine and Ron’s birthdays. Ron’s birthday is April 25 and mine’s May 21. Well, our planned trip was a bit far from my birthday, but what the heck. I’m so eager for a summer outing, and celebrating it with Ronnie can also save me from expenses. 😀

It was my second time in Isla Reta. It’s the whole gang of CARJAQ minus Jake and plus Au’s special someone. 😉 We managed to get there just before the night set in. There were many people, the place was literally jampacked an as expected there was no vacant cottages or rooms. But on the bright side, we managed to get some open cottage and a tent from one of the sari-sari store outside the resort (the resort by the way ran out of tents). Even with the many people around I still managed to appreciate the beach, the powdery- soft sand and the water. It’s not the resort’s facilities or the lack of it (if I may say) that made me love the place, it was simply the beach, the uncommercialized, almost-untouched beach.

So here, beware! I might bore you with these helluva pictures!) 😀

A memorable getaway with one of my most treasured friends. The endless laughters na makasakit ug panga. HAHA Indeed life is here. :))


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