Iris’ Graduation Night

By | May 16, 2011

This post is soooo long overdue. This was Iris’ Graduation Night happened last April 6.

First, I should start by saying that I waited for like 3 hours for Set and Krisna. Well, it was my choice since I don’t want to ruin the family bonding Iris was having. I was waiting outside MacDonald Bajada until it rained so hard that I really needed to go inside. Then, waiting there means I have to order, so I did and poof I had my dinner alone, with a box of cake and flower for Iris. 🙁
I have tried to write on all the details but I got sloppy so I decided to let the pictures speak for themselves. Okay, so here we go.

This was our gift to Iris! Goldilocks Cake!

Iris and the cake!

Goofing around with Krisna.:D

The three of us! From left, in our room, Basti’s Brew (thanks for the coffee Riz!) and the last picture, we were on a tricycle on the flooded street of Torres Davao City.

The flooded street of Torres.

At FTC Tower!

The unplanned overnight at Blue Velvet Hotel! We were over Davao City looking for some affordable and nice inn. Been to Elle’s Pension House, FTC Tower, Sampaguita Inn, Pacific Inn- but damn they were all fully booked. Well, maybe because there were a lot of people stranded during that night that they all decided to checked in and so were we.

Our room.

The night ended with us feeling happy and excited with the idea of staying in an inn that we, for so long, wished for. 🙂

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