Ian Somerhalder is coming to Davao City!!!

By | April 2, 2012

If you have been reading this blog of mine you’ll definitely know that I’m a huge fan of The Vampire Diaries (TVD) and the casts behind it, especially Damon Salvatore or Ian Somerhalder!! Last week was rumors and tweets that Ian Somerhalder is coming to the Philippines. Of course I didn’t believe it. But today my friend Julie chatted me and told me the great news– that it is indeed true that Ian is coming to the Philippines, not only that, he’s coming to Davao City!! Right after reading the blog post, I couldn’t explain what I felt! I giggled, I shouted and I went crazy for a moment! Hahaha


Now, I know people will go crazy over this news! So I planned on buying a ticket (yeah, this early!). However, I cannot make it today as I have to attend a cooking class exam in Padada. So I asked a favor from my friend to buy me a ticket and will just pay him back. He just called, (just now while I’m writing this) and the sad news? The dates, mechanics of how to get a ticket, availability of tickets is not yet final- it was all tentative! The only sure thing in all the April events is the one for the Easter Sunday. Good thing my friend asked all the questions I would’ve asked if I was the one talking to the concierge. He asked if there is a way that I could be notify if there are updates regarding the event and boom- he gave them my name and number and that they will just text me for any updates regarding the event! Sigh!:(

Now, I’m just praying that the event will push through and that Ian will really come here in Davao…

UPDATE: Last Thursday I went to Abreeza Mall to re-confirm things about this event and here’s the sad news. It’s not really confirmed if Ian is ever coming here in Davao City so as the mechanics, tickets, dates and all! In fact, they erased the events for Marks and Spencer and Ian Somerhalder in the streamers! Yeah, that sad! And no matter what questions I asked, the concierge couldn’t really give an answer because they don’t have the information and they can’t give false hopes! So, I again left my name and number there and make them promised  they’d contact me for any updates! Twenks!


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