By | October 15, 2013
I know I’ve been on hiatus for the past months and I’m really sorry for not having blogged for a while. Well, what can I say, life got me so busy. What with the happenings in life that were inevitable. Happy and sad ones. One that can turn your life 360 degrees. I may put it bluntly but yes my father died last June… 
I got a new job weeks after that and been on a training in Manila for almost a month. It was evident that I’ve been in a roller coaster ride. The last post that I had here in my blog was all press releases as I haven’t had time to gather my thoughts and actually think of something to write. 

So, what’s up with me? It was the first time that I lost someone so close to me, my father. I don’t want to go into detail about this but one thing is for sure, it had changed me big time. I was devastated and hurt but at the same time also happy that at least Papa didn’t suffer that much.

Weeks after that I was offered a job I applied online. It was unexpected but I welcomed it nonetheless. Fast forward, I was trained for almost a month in Manila and passed. Now I’m currently deployed in two branches of BPI here in Davao City as a Bancassurance Sales Executive or BSE. (More about that in another post).

Realizations: Death is inevitable, I knew that. But knowing and experiencing it first hand is two different things. I may have known it but the impact of actually experiencing it was excruciating. Knowing it did not lessen the pain and the grief. I miss my Papa. I may not the best daughter in the world but I love you truly in my own unique way. I will always remember you, always. I love you Papa.

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