I attended the first ever Social Media Day in Davao City!

By | July 13, 2012

Social media is ubiquitously accessible, and enabled by scalable communication techniques. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Social_media

For an average person like me Social Media is a tool that can help me connect with my friends and buddies online. It helps me express my thoughts and opinions via blogs. However, if I were to base it in a more serious tone, social media is a tool I used when I work. It’s very crucial that I know how to take advantage of blog platforms like Blogger or WordPress for article writing, Twitter and Facebook for product/company promotions or LinkedIn for widening my business and professional network. These are just some of the many social media outlet I used but for now let’s just stick with these, shall we?

Anyway, last Saturday June 30, 2012 I attended the first ever Mashable’s Social Media Day in Davao City together with my fellow Davao Bloggers. There were four guest speakers who graced the event namely Justin Cooke of Adsense Flippers, Bob Martin of Mindanao.com, Clifford Pauley of Global Ministries and Jesse Boga of Mindanao Times. The guest speakers have shared their experience on how they use social media, how social media affected their lives and their businesses, the importance of Social Media, how to utilize social media for your advantage and many more. I’m thankful I attended the event as I’ve learned something from it.

The guest speakers
But it’s not just panel discussions and talking, there were games and prizes that really excited us all. I for one was so happy for winning a 1 year free web hosting from KaiserWebs for being able to bring a studio picture in one of the Bring Me Games. Imagine? I would have my very own dot.com soon. Yey! 
Hmm, I still don’t have any clever-catching domain name for now but I will soon, hopefully! If you have any suggestion for my next domain name, I would really be happy if you can share it with me!  :))

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