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By | January 10, 2012

I believe I already told you about some plans of going abroad particularly in Japan. Well, at this moment it’s not pushing through yet so I am finding and taking opportunities as they come. Apparently, I managed to enter a scholarship program from TESDA called TWSP (Training for Work Scholarship Program) cared of my sister’s friend who is working in a TESDA school at Padada,Davao del sur. I’m so glad she managed to squeeze me in her Commercial Cooking NC II class! It’s all free except for some minor things that you have to provide like chef’s towel, chef’s jacket etc. Commercial Cooking NC II course is “designed to enhance the knowledge, skills, and attitudes of any kitchen staff on food preparation. It includes competencies such as cleaning kitchen areas, cooking hot and cold meals, preparing portion and plate meat or food to guest in hotel, motel, restaurants, clubs, canteens, resorts and luxury cruises”.Source:Competency Based Curriculum 

We started our first class last Saturday and believe me majority of my classmates are already retirees but thankfully though, there are still some that are in my age bracket:D As expected the whole day class was all about orientation of what we’ll be taking up during the training, what we needed to know to pass and also the list of what we’ll be cooking. For me the dishes are not that unique and I can say I just can ask my sister how it is done but the fact that there’s a new learning for me to unravel- is very exciting! I’m not really into cooking but I like the feeling that I’m loving every new experience that comes with it.
I am really thankful for this opportunity, aside from learning how to cook, there is also a chance that it can help me work abroad or start my own business. As we all know, a certificate from TESDA is sort of a big deal if you are applying to work abroad. So I am really happy about this and I hope I can finish the training until May this year.

So now here’s the list of the dishes and recipes that we are going to cook, made and bake! You can expect me to post majority of it in the next coming weeks!

1. Basic Knife Cuts
2. Garnishing
3. Bangus de Boning
4. Chicken Curry
5. Chicken Cordon Blue with lemon Butter Sauce
6. Chicken Lollipop Wings
7. Breaded Breast Chicken
8. Calamares
9. Stir Fry Squid Rings
10. Fish salad
11. Macaroni Soup
12. Open Faced Italian Sandwich
13. Fresh Lumpia with brown Sauce
14. Grilled Cheese Sandwich
15. Spaghetti Carbonara
16. Chocolate Mousse
17. Ice Cream
18. Carrot Cake
19. Mayonnaise
20. Bechamel Sauce
21. Prawn and Sweet Corn Chowder
22. Crunchy Fruits and Vegetable Salad
23. Grilled Beef Tenderloin
24. Tuna Sandwich Filling
25. Fresh Lumpia Wrapper


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