Finally, Ilocos!

By | December 23, 2014
It was back in 2012 when FUSHLA traveled together out of town, and that was in Palawan. This year we marveled the beautiful Ilocos. It has always been our plan to visit Ilocos and this year, thankfully, we finally made it!
Warning: This post will be highly dominated with pictures! Hehehe
After all the trouble of finding travel agencies that would suit our situation, we were finally able to settle with 8 Wonders. Booking a travel agency felt necessary as the tourist spots were miles away from each other. 8 Wonders waited for us at 12 midnight along Makati. When we got there a van was waiting for us together with other people that would be our travel buddies for the entire 3 days and 2 nights Ilocos trip.
Our first stop was Vigan, (now named one of the new seven wonders cities). We were hoping to be in Vigan during nighttime as it would be more beautiful because of the lights. But we got there early in the morning so it’s not as what we hoped it to be. Even so, it was still pretty, a vintage city if you may.
Quirino Bridge in Bantay Ilocos Sur- The scenic view that greeted us after a 6 hour drive from Manila, totally worth it!
And who wouldn’t take a groupie in the famous Calle Crisologo 
Fushla in Vigan! 🙂 Yes baby!
You can also enjoy a pony ride in Baluarte for which we also tried!
The heat of the sun and the sleepless night couldn’t stop us from enjoying the marvelous places that Ilocos has to offer. Haggard and walang ligo but definitely ecstatic to see more places in Vigan.
The iconic Paoay Church

The picturesque lake at the Malacanang North
Abot cave
We may not have that exclusive tour but meeting new people is always a welcome treat to learn and discover new things.
Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
One of the places that I was looking forward in this trip was the Paoay Sand Dunes. I think what really got me was the ride. I know it would be kind of extreme that’s why I was so eager to try and experience it. Definitely, it was one helluva ride! I would do it all over again if not for the price. Hahaha
The roller coaster ride with the 4×4 was fun and stomach crunching. But the fun never stops there as we also tried the sand boarding. It’s not that steep but the fear was still there thinking you might roll over the sand, and honestly, I did! My second attempt to skate standing made me roll over because I put my hand on the sand. The guide already warned us but I just couldn’t help it! Hahaha
 The famous Bangui Windmill
Kapurpurawan Rock Formation
This trip literally got me tanned but it was worth it. Ilocos is indeed a beautiful place with so many places waiting to be explored. The trip didn’t disappoint though I must admit that I expected too much out of the places we’ve been. Howbeit, it’s a still a dream come true to be traveling here together with my friends.
Here’s to wishing more travels with you guys! 🙂

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