Day 3 Cebu-Bohol Trip

By | September 15, 2011

We had to leave for Cebu early that day. I’d like to say thank you to my uncle, auntie and of course my cousin Weng and uncle Eddie, the driver. Even if it was only the second time that I saw my relatives, really, they treated us so well, they were very accommodating and hospitable. Thank you!
Okay, back to the story, we had to leave at 7am via fast craft and when we got to Tagbilaran port, the ship was already whistling like hell, and the staff disposing the tickets seemed to worry that we can’t make it to the trip. Haha Okay, we made it and when we got to Cebu, we checked in to East Pensionne House Capitol. It was a cute place, everything was tiny like the elevator and our room 😀

We then went to Sto. Nino Church and lighted some candles.

Magellan’s Cross.

After that, we went to Taoist Temple. Even though we already agreed to be thrifty not riding taxi and all, we still ended riding one. Hence, it was fortunate because while we were on our way to Taoist temple the rain fell so hard that you could just imagine if we rode a jeep and a habal-habal, we could have ended like we just took a bath. But even if we rode a taxi, the rain still managed to get us wet.

Obviously Josette didn’t get wet as much as we did because she’s the owner of the umbrella thus giving her all the right to be in the middle 😀

After that, we went to the pension house and had some rest. Then we went to Ayala and SM Cebu and bought some pasalubong and we had our dinner at Golden Cowrie.

Pasalubong galore!

And the night we’ve been waiting for came, the night for the rides at Crown Regency Hotel. I never really expected so much ‘extremeness’ of the rides they have except for one- the Edge Coaster. And I was right, we had The Edge Coaster as our first ride- it was extreme, just not that lucky I was to share it with a total stranger, some staff from the hotel. It was because the ride would only allow two people in a coaster, we even played Jack en Poy just to make it fair, and yeah I did lose. So there.
Iris and Set and me and the staff.:(

I know I could have shouted like a mad woman but I didn’t. I shouted, but not as how I would have when I’m with my friends.
The second ride was the Zipline, it was not so much that would made me shout. Maybe because the distance was just short and before you know it, it was already finished. So you couldn’t really react, right?

 The last one was the Skywalker, this I thought was chicken, and I was right. So chicken, I did not feel anything!

Hahaha! It was like the rides we rode are just apt according to the sequence of how we rode it. First ride being the most extreme, then the second and the third. Well, it was still the night full of fun and happy memories worth remembering. 🙂

 With our certificates.:)

The regular ride would cost you Php500 but we availed of the promo and it was just Php1000 for the three rides! 🙂 However, what made us poor were the price of the pictures. One picture would cost you Php230/16R and some (I forgot the exact ride) costs Php250. I bought three, one for each ride and that cost me Php710. Way to expensive for a picture, it has a certificate though, but it’s not really something worth of a certificate right? Besides, it was just a template and they just added our name on it.


10 thoughts on “Day 3 Cebu-Bohol Trip

  1. kulasa

    gee…I have yet to see Cebu! looking at your happy photos makes me wish I could be there soon to experience the skywalk! congratulations for conquering your fear 🙂


    haven't been to Cebu yet but looking at your photos convinced me that there are a lot to see in this place. But I think I wouldn't be that adventurous as I always had a fear with rides. Hahaha. Maybe, I would go more for sight seeing given the chance. 🙂

  3. Ria Cervantes

    So nice to see happy faces and everybody seemed to have a very good time! I haven't been to Bohol yet but I am looking forward to see and explore the place. Last time I have been to Cebu was 1996. I bet, a lot has changed since then.

  4. Quima

    I tell you, the rides are just chicken:D You should try Skywalking. It was the least scary among the three.

  5. papaleng

    Aside from the local guitars, Magellan Cross is one place to visit in Cebu. Judging by your photos, seems you have lots of fun there.

  6. Lainy

    Been there eon years ago. There wasn't a sky walk back then. I hope to be a skywalker when I go visit Cebu again. Hahaha! You sure had a blast. It shows in all your pics.


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