Day 2 Cebu-Bohol Trip

By | September 14, 2011

Due to the limited time we had in Dumaluan, we did our best to enjoy our stay as much as possible. So we woke up early and went swimming on the beach. We had pictures taken, thanks to Iris’ waterproof cam.:D Little did we know my uncle was already there waiting for us.:( So when we received the text message, we took a bath in a flash and tried to tidy our things as fast as we could. You could just imagine, we haven’t combed our hair, our hands carrying wet clothes, bags, things, shoes, towels/sarong and we were running like hell, really! And hear this, Iris and Josette got their phones charged the night before but they haven’t paid yet because they did not have change. But while we were running they were already saying that it’s good if the guard won’t see them so that they won’t be able to pay! Haha And unfortunately the guard saw us running and got our attention. Hay! The ending, it looked like we were running because we had nothing to pay not just on the charge thing, but it looked like we were trying to escape so that we won’t be able to pay the rent of our room! Crap! But that was one thing I would never forget, it was actually funny, you know. 😀

Finally, we saw my uncle and we couldn’t even look at them in the eyes because we were ashamed we had let them wait. 🙁 The whole ride to my uncle’s place was full of awkward silence even after we uttered our unexcusable apologies. And when we got to my uncle’s house we were saved by my cousin as I told her everything that happened. We ate our breakfast and everything’s back to normal. Yay!

So it was the Bohol Day Tour. We were so excited to go to Danao, as it was where the extreme activites like ‘the Plunge’ happened. We were very excited you could only imagine how dismayed we were when the driver (still my relative though) told us we couldn’t make it to Danao as it was very far, and if we chose to go there, we should gave up going to Chocolate Hills etc. So we ended up going to the usual places but it was fun though. It could have been better if one of those places was Danao. Well, so much about that, it was still a memorable experience even if we were stranded for four hours because the van had some mechanical issues and stuff. So we ended up having our lunch inside the van, oh well! 😀 So here are the pictures of the places we’ve been. Prepare yourself for an overload of photos!;p

Sagbayan Peak!

 Josette, Iris and Weng in violet, my cousin.

Super nice! I wanna live in that house! 😀

The ever cute tarsier!

Chocolate Hills!

 Ooops it’s not a tarpauline, we really rode a broomstick and jumped! There was a photographer who did the shot and we paid the picture for Php100. Mahal ah!

 Cute noh? ;p

Next stop Ship House, where we got stranded for 4 hours!

Stranded baby!

The famous Man Made Forest!

The biggest snake ever caged, (that’s according to the people there).

It only looks like we were touching it, but nah! Takot ko lang! 😀

Baclayon Church, the oldest church in Bohol.

Loboc River.

Museu de Loboc.

The Blood Compact Site.

(to be continued)


12 thoughts on “Day 2 Cebu-Bohol Trip

  1. Jessica Cassidy

    My two sisters lives in Cebu and missed the place so bad. I plan to tour Bohol with my daughter when we were their in the Philippines last year but the plan did not push through 🙁 I love all your pictures. It looks like you had a blast 🙂

  2. Tingting de Rimarti

    One regret that I have is – I had not visited Bohol when I was still living in the Philippines. I see & hear a lot of my friends praise this island.

  3. papaleng

    Wow! quite atour. Oks naman though hindi kayo naka-visit sa Danao ,at least you have cover much sa trip nyo. I like your jumpshot, so cute.

  4. Lainy

    YAY! This post made me want to go back to Bohol pronto! It has been 10 long years since my last visit there. Looks like you all had a blast. I so love that photo of a finger pointing to the Choc Hill. Very artistic!

  5. Algene

    This post reminds me of uploading my Bohol photos and blog post ;p Super backlog. Hahaha

  6. kulasa

    Hi there! I have not been there yet so thank you so much for the virtual tour! Love all your shots especially the jump shot with the broom! worth the pay eh hehe, I was laughing reading the part where you all hurried when your uncle arrived 🙂 glad everything went well after….sorry about that part where you got stranded but I am sure you still had a grand time just being together…have a lovely week 🙂

  7. Quima

    Wow, thanks for the lengthy comment Dokie! Yeah, kahit nga ako eh natatawa pag naaalala ko yung nangyari. :)) It was really a funny experience.


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