Day 1 Cebu-Bohol Trip

By | September 13, 2011

It was the day we’ve been waiting for. For years, me and my friends had planned to travel out of town but it just never came through. Finally, we made it, thus that day, July 30, 2011, was our trip to Bohol and Cebu.

It was a fine sunny day when we arrived at the airport, we got there ahead of time, thus giving us the chance to sleep and fix ourselves at the waiting area. We were so excited and high-spirited. Who wouldn’t be? It was our first time to travel on our own and with only the three of us- so excuse us! 😛

We arrived at Mactan airport 15 minutes ahead of our scheduled time. We then headed to Port 1 so that we could go directly to Bohol. But to our dismay, the fast craft to Bohol wouldn’t leave until 1:50 in the afternoon. So we just headed to SM Cebu to kill some time and at the same time have our lunch. Oh, it was also Josette’s birthday, so she treated us for lunch. We had our lunch at Red Ribbon, SM Cebu.

When we arrived at the Tagbilaran Port, we realized that my uncle has long waited for us. Fortunately, we had my uncle’s place to stay in while we were in Bohol.

Our room in my Uncle’s place. 

Okay, the plan to have a day tour didn’t happen flawlessly as we got in Bohol late in the afternoon so we just decided to stay over night at Dumaluan Beach Resort 2. We got there at 9pm (we already booked our stay so we didn’t have to worry). I love beach that even if we did not have the sun to help us appreciate the place, I still did. And even if the place was jampacked with people I was still glad we were there. It was also in there where we realized that there were Dumaluan 1 and 2 and that my friend told me that Dumaluan 1 is much nicer. But what the heck we were already there so we must enjoy whatever it was that we had and we did! Glad that the resort has a lot of activities to offer. Majority of them was only for daytime and we knew we couldn’t avail due to our limited time. (My uncle was going to fetch us early in the morning to have our Bohol Day Tour!) 🙁 But hey we still got to experienced their Bunjee-Trampoline Jumping and swear it was very enjoyable and stomach-turning activity. Sorry about the term, it was that feeling when you are on top and suddenly you fall down, you know that feeling right? 😛

Our cottage.


At the reception area.
Setty’s turn on Bunjee Jumping.
The Kuya who assisted us.
My turn. 🙂

I was really shouting my heart out!!!
Iris, trying to be Super Woman! 😀
There! Super Woman!
The beach has a lot of seaweeds but we enjoyed it nonetheless. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Day 1 Cebu-Bohol Trip

  1. VernaLiza

    I want to try that bunjee jumping, hahaha, parang dun ka enjoy na enjoy, rinig ko boses mu dito … hahaha.. dropping by Quimz.

  2. Jessica Cassidy

    The bunjee jumping looks so fun 🙂 I miss Cebu 🙁 I hope to visit it the next time I will have my vacation 🙂

  3. kulasa

    hi there wonderwoman! weeeee shouting with excitement with you here! your happy smiles are contagious! 🙂


    i'm sure you had an amazing experience here in the visayas, specially in cebu and bohol… im not from cebu but was raised here and my grandma is from bohol.. so pretty much i know people would enjoy both provinces… i'm sure you and your friends did as well.

    thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. papaleng

    Taking note of this, since Bohol is on top of our list-to-visit. Bungee jumping, pwede, aywan ko lang si misis. LOL


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