Davao Blogger’s Acquaintance Party 2014

By | April 26, 2014
It was my second time attending the Davao Bloggers Acquaintance Party and it definitely gets better and bigger everytime. What with the awesome prizes and major sponsors we had like Cebu Pacific, Banana Beach Resort, Tune Hotels, Bucket Shrimps, My Skin Essentials and a lot more. 
Winning a notebook and sticker from Cebpac!
I was specifically excited for the prizes these sponsors has to offer especially that it involves being able to travel and stay in a resort and hotel. Who would not want a free roundtrip ticket to Manila and Bacolod, a free accomodation at Tune Hotels or Banana Beach Resort? Sounds awesome right? I know, I was also hoping I could win the major prizes! 😀

The event took place in Bucket Shrimps restaurant in MetroLifestyle Compound. The place was spacious and airy and the food was good.

Team Power Poof

Thank you Krispy Kreme!

My Skin Essentials- Thank you!

The induction of the newly elected officers

Aside from getting to know the new members of the Davao Bloggers’ Society it was also the induction of the newly elected officers for the next 2 years. The newly elected officers are as follows:

President: Andrew dela Serna

Vice- President: Arjay Laguere

Secretary: Algene Cutamora

Treasurer: Venssa Mabini

Content Manager: Julie Ann Tolentino

Social Media Coordinator: Naprey Almario

Events Coordinator: Chamee Pecson

Membership Coordinator: Glen Santillan

I.T Specialist: Kevin Paquet

The winners for the minor prizes were determined by posting on social media post using hash tags on various social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I for one won a notebook and sticker from Cebu Pacific! It could have been better if I won the Dvo-Bacolod-Dvo round trip ticket (hahaha) the odds were just not in my favor that night. 

We also had the usual Trivia games and I belonged to the Power Poof group and guess what kami ang kulelat! hahaha But it was still fun because all the teams were very competitive and just playing the game and being part of that event was enough for us to enjoy. And the team that won (Team Awesome) was generous enough as they donated their winnings to the fire victims in Boulevard.

Also we really want to thank the generous sponsors for this event. The complete list of the Davao Bloggers’ Acquaintance Party sponsors are as follows with their respective Facebook page. 
Cebu Pacific- Cebpac
Tune Hotels- Tune Hotels
Banana Beach Resort- Banana Beach
My Skin Essentials- My Skin Essentials
Smart Live More- SMART
Bucket Shrimps- Bucket Shrimps

Lachis Sans Rival Atbp- Lachis Sans Rival Atbp

Krispy Kreme- Krispy Kreme
Now I am really looking forward to the next Acquaintance party and also to the other exciting events Davao Bloggers has in store for us!

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