Corazon Tourist Inn: Where to Stay in Puerto Princesa Palawan

By | November 28, 2012

Another addition to my list of posts that is long overdue (and I still got a handful of those, eek). Anyway let me just share to you where I stayed when I was in Palawan last August.

I may be a small time traveler but I see to it that I have a good and comfortable place to stay in when I’m travelling. It’s nice to have something comfortable waiting for you after a whole day of traveling, discovering places and participating in activities.
Thank you! 🙂
Corazon Tourist Inn is located at the heart of the city. This is really true as bars, restaurants and banks are just walking distance from the inn. It is also a one tricycle ride away from the market, Pasalubong center and airport.
Barkadahan Room; Photo grabbed from Corazon’s site.  

The first room we had was the Barkadahan room. It was nice and clean, really made for barkadahan traveling. However, there was a problem with the aircondition and it wasn’t exactly cold as we want it to be.The inn’s staff was quick to attend to that concern and first thing in the morning onour 2nd day, they transferred us to the family room which is supposedly more expensive. However, they retained the price we had with the barkadahan room. :)) It was really kind of them and we were really grateful about it.

Family Room, photo grabbed from Corazon Tourist Inn’s site. Sorry had to use their photos, mine were blurry, but trust me, what you see in this picture is really what you’re getting! 🙂
We were so happy staying in the family room as it was very spacious and there was just the four of us. There was one master bed, and two comfortable double decks, so we couldn’t really ask for more; it was more than what we needed.
Corazon Inn also offers free breakfast for the whole duration of our stay and you can even choose your meal from tocinolog, tapsilog, hotsilog and a lot more in their “mini stop” type of store. Their Wifi connection was good but you can opt to use their internet café which was also in the same building. They also have convenience store and a pizza parlor at the ground floor so you never have to leave the place to buy something or to eat something; everything was there for the traveler’s convenience.    
I would really love to share this experience with Corazon Inn, as it was really a comfortable and great stay we had in there.
Our package:
Php 3760.00
Type of Room: Barkadahan Room transferred to Family Room
FREE Breakfast, FREE Van transfer (in and out)
Underground River Tour       
– Inclusions:  FREE Lunch Buffet, permit, licensed tour guide,
              van, boats,and shed. air conditioned van
        – RATE:  P1500.00
Honda Bay Island Hopping Tour: 
          – Inclusions:  Same as the Underground river tour
          – Rate:  P1300.00

See,  the price was like a bargain for all the amenities we received and experienced. I really recommend Corazon Tourist Inn for those who have plans to visit Puerto Princesa Palawan soon. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Corazon Tourist Inn: Where to Stay in Puerto Princesa Palawan

  1. jennyL

    Palawan is in my travel list na. Thanks for the reco.. sana makapunta na ko dyan soon!

  2. Rovie Aguis

    Very nice place to stay. The price is also very affordable ha.

    Pila mo ka days didto girl? The package price is for the whole duration of your stay na?

  3. Quima

    Yes Mami Rovs:))Sulit kayu, pero kung naa pamoy laing adtuan, kay mag additional lang mo.:)


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