Cheers to a One Decade of Friendship

By | January 16, 2012

Fushla. It’s a made-up word that, for everyone else, carries no meaning at all. It’s a stupid sounding play on the word fuchsia, a very girlish color if I may add. As silly sounding at it is, this one word is very important to me.
It’s what we called our group back in high school and even up to now! It all started during our first year. We were fond of making these weird words and Fushla was one of the words that stuck. From there it became the label for our circle of friends.
We started the friendship in our first years but became closer in second year that we actually made a date or so called “monthsary” out of it. It was on the eve of July 12, 2002 when we had a heart to heart talk about our friendship and our differences. From then on we started counting the months and fortunately the years of our friendship.

Many of our other friends, classmates and batch mates would just refer to us as FUSHLA, we were considered as one! IT’s a common wisdom that: your college friends may know who you are but your high school friends know why you’re like that. Well, I forgot the exact words but that’s the whole idea! 😛 It’s not that I don’t treasure my college friends it just that it’s a lot different in high school as we were not that stressed, we’re not that pressured and we simply enjoyed life as it is.
College years came and we went to separate school. As expected we met our own set of college friends and acquaintances. There was even a time that I would get jealous of their new friends and how much time they get to spend with them. (Yeah, I’m clingy like that). We also had this time that we don’t meet regularly even in vacations that we actually had to talk things out about our friendship and the changes that’s happening. I remember that particular time when I was so worried that we couldn’t go back to what we’re used to. I cried and was damn worried about it. It’s not that we are not close anymore; it’s more of being afraid that they might enjoy more of their other friends’ company and would forget or would not want to enjoy or keep the friendship we had.
But yes, life as it is, you learn new things. You learn that it’s not about how often you see and spend time with each other but of how you value them in your life, in your heart. That no matter how many new friends you meet, you still have these set of friends that is incomparable, that is enjoyable to be with and that is forever there for you no matter what. When we see each other after how many months, it seems nothing has changed, we’re the same as usual. Laughing and sharing silly jokes, talking about our life and things that are important to us. Being comfortable and just enjoying each other’s company.
Yes, I’m just happy to say that I have these kinds of friends. I really value them, may that be friends from in high school, from college or from work. You see, you don’t need to brand it or to name it. You just have to keep and cherish them. They may not feel the same way that I do but what’s important is what I feel for them. I am just happy that they’re in my life and I to them!


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