Canon Pixma Launched new Pro Photo Printers

By | February 17, 2013

Photo grabbed from but originally taken from Canon’s website. 

Last February 7, Davao bloggers and other media outfits attended the Canon Printing Like a Pro event held at the Pinnacle Hotel.

The number one inkjet printer in the Philippines- Canon Pixma launched their three (3) new professional A3 + inkjet printers namely Pixma Pro-1, Pixma Pro-10 and the Pixma Pro-100. Both Pixma Pro-10 and Pixma Pro-100 uses the Canon’s FINE (Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology to produce finely-detailed printouts with resolution of up to 4800×2400 dpi (dots per inch). The Pixma Pro-1 on the other hand has a 12-tank individual ink system which has six (6) colored inks, five monochrome inks and the Chroma Oprimizer to smoothen out stray ink droplets.

I myself was such in awe when I saw how these printers prove of their remarkable claims. Right there at the event some Canon representatives printed some photos of one of the renowned photographers in the world and also one of the new ambassadors of Canon Pixma- Per Andre Hoffman.
The pictures didn’t just came out like the ones we saw on the screen. In fact, it was way better as the printed pictures came out with such vibrancy and detail like you are looking at living images.

Per Andre Hoffman also talked about his own experience with Canon Pixma printers, saying that he himself doesn’t believe that he needs to print out his pictures if only it would not come out the way he wanted it to. He was skeptical at first on trying the Canon Pixma but all of it changed when he saw how Canon Pixma stand up for what it claims to have.

Knowing that someone like Per Andre Hoffman, a perfectionist photographer who would spend 10 days of preparation just to get that perfect shot, was convinced and impressed with the Canon Pixma says a lot about the quality and performance of the printer.
Per Andre Hoffman also showed ten out of his hundreds of thousand shots to us and shared the experience and hardships he encountered in each shots. He was also very gracious to have answered some questions from the audience and gave some of his printed works to those who asked. (Well, I didn’t ask so I don’t have one of his pictures, bummer).

Davao Bloggers with Per Andre Hoffman. Photo courtesy of Arjay of

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