Camotes Island

By | September 24, 2011

I learned of this place when we were boarding the fast craft en route to Bohol. While waiting with several travelers, we had the chance to see where the other people are going. And then I saw it, “CAMOTES”. The first thing that struck my mind was that it was an island, an untouched, virgin and beautiful island. And there are a lot of foreigners going there, actually majority of the passengers are foreigners, so I said to myself, it must be a very nice place for foreigners to come and travel there. When we got back to Davao after our awesome Cebu and Bohol trip, I searched for Camotes and indeed it was such a paradise. I know, I’ve only seen the pictures in the internet and I don’t have the experience to say such. However, I can really tell that the place is divine. The promotional site said that it was like Boracay 20 years ago. So, what do you think? Boracay is overly famous today but also overly commercialized, nonetheless, it is still a very wonderful island to visit- then how much more if we go back to Boracay 20 years before?? Hmm, amazing right? So that is how wonderful Camotes Island is. Now, that would be the next destination I should visit! I wonder how soon I can fulfill this wish of mine. All I know is that no matter what happens I am going to fulfill that wish! (evil grin)

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8 thoughts on “Camotes Island

  1. betchai

    wow, thanks for sharing, I love the Boracay 20 years ago, these days, I am not as excited to see Boracan because I would rather explore the other parts of Philippines since we have so many beautiful places to see. I will take note of this island next time we go to Cebu

  2. Anna

    I'd also love to explore the beaches of Cebu, I've heard they are really nice, its just that the travel time from Cebu City takes around 4-6 hours on the average.

  3. Alley

    Boracay is overrated. Doesn't even come close to how beautiful Palawan is. Camotes Island, hmm… It's my first time to hear about it. Will include in my wish list for a vacay. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Cheerful

    thanks for sharing about Camotes Island, this is something I need to check for next time! 🙂 have you been there now? can't wait to hear your first-hand experience.

  5. Ria Cervantes

    I haven't been to Boracay nor Camotes Island but if given the chance, I'll skip Boracay and go to Camotes instead. I want to go to an adulterated place unlike the very commercialized Boracay. The reason you are in such place is to relax and I'm not sure how you can achieve that in Boracay.


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