Blugre Opened their Newest Branch at Davao Doctors HMPC

By | March 16, 2013

Just before February ends, Blugre has once again extended its doors to Davaoenos as they have opened their newest branch at Davao Doctors HMPC (Hospitality Management Practicum Center).

Together with some fellow Davao Bloggers, we graced the event and sampled on some of their food offerings.

Choco Torte- A must try!
Spicy Hungarian Sausage- Totally spicy and yummy!
Red Velvet
Banana Streusels
Tuna Pesto Cream
Raspberry Iced Tea
Davao Bloggers with BMC. Photo courtesy of  Davao Food Trip

Blugre also introduced the newest and geekiest way to order- through your tablets. Good news for Android users as this application will be readily available for you. Isn’t that cool or that is just cool?! 😀 I think Blugre will be the first ever coffee shop in the Philippines to use this kind of ordering system. Just ask the baristas for assistance if you have additional questions regarding the new way of ordering.

Some interesting facts about the franchisee of the Blugre Davao Doctors Branch.

True to its bid to go global in branding Blugre, Davao’s first and premier coffee company, it is opening its doors to a couple from New York City, USA.

Both natives of Kabacan Cotabato, Rod an Cecilia Buada sought their greener pastues in the Big Apple. The couples are currently working at New York’s Brookhaven Memorial Hospital and Medical Center and had been living in the United Statesfor about 10 years now. Their desire to go back to the Philippines led them to scout for numerous investment opportunities while in New York. Fortunately, the Buada’s learned about Blugre through Rod’s hometown friend, the President of Blugre’s Global Franchise Development. Talks ensued about the potential of the business and from then forward, Cecilia began convincing Rod to seriously consider Blugre as their opportunity of choice. And as they say, the rest is history. The Buadas inked an agreement t be a joint venture partner with Blugre Coffee Corporation in the Davao Doctors Branch which has been a hot item in the eye of Blugre and its shareholders. Luckily for everyone including the Buadas, this space in Davao Doctors opened up for the team and the partnership with the least effort. With this partnership with Blugre, the Buadas are already excited about the possibility of being the first Filipino franchisee in New York within the near future. 

Blugre in now open for franchising opportunities nationwide and worldwide. For inquiries, all interested parties can contact the Vice President for Franchising, Benjamin M. Cuaresma, Jr. at 6382-285-1069 or via email at


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