Blast from the Past: Samal Outing February 2006

By | May 25, 2013

I was playing my playlist when this song “Connected” OST from Aquamarine movie played and suddenly it hit home.
I remember the video my friend made for our Samal outing way back in our first year college years. It was her birthday treat to us and we braved going to Samal and rode a habal-habal on late hours. Costa Marina, the first resort we went to was fully booked, so we had no choice but to find another resort. We actually just asked the habal-habal driver to bring us to a nice resort and he told us that we should try RMPC. To make the story short, we did go to RMPC, and I couldn’t be any satisfied because the resort was really nice, clean and the water was so clear. We really had fun and we had so much memories from that Samal outing. I think the video would speak for itself. 🙂

It’s just sad because Paolo is gone now, (he passed away last year) and watching the video just made me miss him so much! His jokes, his expressions and everything about him. I miss you Paolo and you will always be remembered.

8 thoughts on “Blast from the Past: Samal Outing February 2006

  1. jennyL

    I heard that Samal island is very beautiful and saw that you all had fun in the video.. too bad your friend is gone na..

    Wish I can go there too in the future

  2. betchai

    I am so sorry to hear about your friend, Paolo. At least, you have beautiful memories frozen in this video.

  3. Rcel

    I am sorry about your friend's passing away….

    Samal Island is a paradise! I wish to visit the place again, the next time I can go home.

  4. papaleng

    Sad to hear about the demise of your friend. A nicely produced video. Samal, seems a nice place to visit.

  5. lencilicious

    I'm sorry about your dear friend. Your video speaks how precious every moment are.

    I hope I can visit Samal too. Looks a beautiful place to visit.


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