Bioessence Launched Exhilshape

By | January 16, 2013

Last year, my fellow Davao Bloggers and I attended the launching and press conference of the newest slimming treatment from Bioessence, the Exilshape. Together with Dra. Emma Guerrero CEO, Jules Cabañero Marketing Director and the celebrity endorser Ms. Nikki Gil, they introduced and explained the highlights and benefits of Exilshape.

Exilshape helps re-shape the body and revitalize your face. It is a powerful non invasive aesthetic device that uses safe thermal waves to heat the skin and target fat cells. The Exilis dual energy delivery can help speeds up the metabolic activity of the fat cells and causes them to shrink. It also stimulates and strengthens the collagen network that will help improve skin’s laxity and texture.
Other Benefits and some info:

Body Contouring with Dual Energy Technology

-Effective and rapid contouring solution
-Precisely targets deeper fats layers
-Built in thermometer that constantly rechecks the tissue temperature
– No risk of over-treatment and definitely no side effects

Reduction of Wrinkles and Facial Remodeling

-Collagen refill based on natural healing process
-Convenient for all skin types
-Dramatic improvement of skin density
-Encouragement of dermal thickening

So cheers to a sexier and healthier you!


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