Balayage By Buddy Congson

By | March 24, 2017

If it was me, I would have wanted a bolder and louder color for my hair. But there is a future work to be considered and I didn’t want to risk anything. To be safe, I showed Buddy my peg, it was a gray blonde hair which I considered to be subtle but showed a lot of character. It was achievable but it would have taken us 15 hours or more and I don’t have the time and so did Buddy. So I let him had his way with my hair. He told me that since I have fair complexion, we ought to go for a copper, Emma Stone inspired hair. And I was all up for it, gladly.

Before the hair make over

Having a hair make over or any pampering sesh with yourself can greatly affect your mood, for the better. And I know that sporting a new hair color will make a big difference of how you carry and feel about yourself. What more, if you really love the outcome.

I was so happy with the result!

Can I just say that I felt like a celebrity right after the make over? I did and it made me feel so good. It was the hairstyle and color that I can see in magazines and celeb’s social media accounts. I was undoubtedly so happy with the result.

Buddy used Elgon, ammonia free so as not to hurt my scalp.Buddy have also added baby lights to give a statement to my hair but not that loud so that I would not have any problem with my work. I can still rock that corporate look  with a bit of edge on it without looking out of place.

With indoor lighting

It feels different to have your hair make over by someone who really knows what he’s doing, for someone that is professional. And Buddy is just the right person for such make-over.

With Buddy Congson, Thank you Buddy! 🙂

So if you are planning to have a hair make over, you can check out Buddy Congson of Hairs and Nails, Bodies and Faces. They are located at Tionko St., Gov. Duterte St, Davao City or like their Facebook page for more info.

He is the ultimate master hair painter and I would love to have my hair make over by him over and over again. Thank you so much for the wonderful experience and result Buddy. You can check out his works on his social media accounts:

@buddycongson for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube

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