Ascencia RestoBar: Where to Dine in Digos City

By | November 15, 2012

So here is the new discovery I’ve been telling you in my last food post-Ascencia Restobar in Digos City.

As I’ve said Digos City is no Davao City at all, so anything nice that catches my eyes will really leave an impression. That’s literally what I felt when I happened to pass by this new restaurant in Digos City- Ascencia Restobar. I was caught by its colorful and modern design. I was really telling Dennis that we had to go and try to eat there sometime.
And I was really glad that we’re finally able to.

The place is spacious, airy and gives you that homey feel along with the quirky interior of the place.

We ordered Beef Steak Chinese Style, Lechon Kawali and Fruit Salad.

Creamy and fresh fruit salad. 

Beef Steak Chinese Style (150 Small)

We really enjoyed eating this beef steak as it was so tender and flavorful. The sweetness and the little sourish was just right to our taste.

Lechon Kawali (150, Small)

There was nothing special with this one but nothing bad either. Just your typical lechon kawali and some real spicy vinegar (which I liked). 🙂

I will surely go back to this place and try their other food offerings.

Ascencia Restobar is located at Lapu Lapu Street, Digos City, near Don Mariano Elem. School


8 thoughts on “Ascencia RestoBar: Where to Dine in Digos City

  1. betchai

    i love lechon kawali, and yes, how else do we make lechon kawali more different? though others are a lot crunchier while others prepare lechon kawali tougher. i love it when it is crunchy.

  2. Algene

    Hello giddychiq! Hehe Ganahan jud ko sa domain sa imong blog, Quims! Thanks for sharing a post about this place 🙂 Will check it out soon when I get back to Digos.

  3. Quima

    As in Alg? 🙂 Duol duol bya diay sa coffeechic noh? hehe puro chic. Naga adto diay kag Digos? Naa kay relatives didto? 🙂

  4. Travel Quest

    I love the set up of this restaurant so cozy. I've never been to Davao i heard a lot of good places there. I hope someday i can visit.

  5. Cheerful

    seems like a great place to enjoy good food, and spend time with family and friends! love that they have al fresco dining, it will be perfect if its not to hot. all foods looks delicious, i miss having some…:)

  6. Choy

    I guess I have to come by and check this out.. Geez, It has been a while since I've been in Digos. It's been a while!… Thanks for this update. Pretty soon, I'll be on my quick vacation…. visit motherland. Your blog is great.


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