Angel’s Birthday at Army Navy

By | December 8, 2012
The day I arrived from Boracay, I headed directly to SM Lanang to meet my CARJAQ friends. I was totally tired and just wanted to rest but I was excited to see them and of course it was Angel’s birthday treat so I did. 😀

Angel treated us to Army Navy, much to my glee as I never dined there before. The place was nothing that can knock your socks off. It was tiny but cozy and offers you a view of the Sky Garden, specifically the fountain. The wait staff was approachable and accommodating.

French Fries

We had their ham and cheese pizza, French fries and their famous iced tea. I love the pizza, it may be too “cute” compared to the other pizza parlor in town but it sure did give a taste that can satisfy your taste bud. I must say that for a restaurant who’s named from the army, I thought of some food offerings that are big for army’s stomach. But yeah, that was just my observation.

Anyway, the iced tea, oh the iced tea- I love it! I love it more than that of Tokyo Tokyo’s. I know they’re not related but Tokyo Tokyo’s iced tea is a talk of the town too, so that’s why I made the comparison.

Ronnie and the birthday girl, Angela  🙂
Au and I 🙂
I would love to go back there again and try their other food offerings. How about you, what’s your fave food from Army Navy?

Thank you Angel! 🙂

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