And I won…Again! :)

By | July 4, 2012

I just announced the winner of my first ever blog giveaway and I’m just happy I’ve been able to host that! (special thanks to bbgurl and Pinkpumshop)! And speaking of giveaways, I am also very happy because for the 4th and 5thtime—I won again! Did you just hear me shouting?! HAHA

Anyway, I won this beautiful Navi Journal from Flow Surf Yoga. It just arrived yesterday and I just can’t help but admire this little journal.  Aside from the GC’s that you can find in here, the journal itself is already a treat. It has beautiful and relatable quotes and to-do-list that are just so helpful in your everyday scribbling.
Navi Journal
And just this Monday, bbgurl told me I won her Asian Vogue Giveaway! I was so excited! Imagine the 1000GC! I’ve been really waiting for the results of her giveaway as she has hosted a LOT and I just want to win even just one of those! And I did! 🙂 Asian Vogue hasn’t contacted me yet but I’m more than patient to wait. So for now, I’m just window shopping on their site. Hehehe But definitely I’ll be blogging it once I’d get my hands on those awesome shoes! 

The Winner 🙂

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